Famous People Involved With Mixed Martial Arts

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The sport of mix martial arts (MMA) has grown in popularity like no other sport in history, and big names of famous people involved with mix martial arts are also growing. Sylvester Stallone for example has embraced the sport of MMA by helping to bring famous fighters such as Randy Courture into movies. The recent film “Expendables,” was a huge success at the box office and no-doubt fans of MMA bought tickets to see UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture in action. Couture will also appear in “Expendables 2″ already in the works.

Another famous person who is actively involved in the sport of MMA is none other than Steven Seagal, who is 7thdan and Shihan in Aikido. Unlike Stallone, Seagal has hands on involvement in the sport. He has been secretly training a few big named UFC fighters that have produced big wins recently after training with him. Anderson Silva trained with Seagal before his fight with Vitor Belfort in UFC 126, and credited the front kick he used in the fight to Seagal’s training. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida also trained with Seagal, and Machida also used a similar front kick to win his bout against Randy Couture.