Mixed Martial Arts And The Rules

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MMA, or mixed martial arts has become one of the most popular sports in the world, drawing in countless spectators and fighter from all across the globe. This fast paced and exciting sport is regarded by many to be the ultimate test for marital artists and other athletes who want to see just how far they can really push themselves. A lot of people from different parts of the world have become avid fans of mixed martial arts, and follow it religiously. Mixed martial arts organizations have sprung up all over the world, giving fighters a number of different places for them to showcase their skills.

A lot of people who aren’t familiar with what’s really going on during a fight will most likely be lost in the action. To many people a mixed martial arts fight just looks like a mindless brawl where the two competitors are trying their best to take each other’s heads off. While some of this may be true, there are several rules that are involved with mixed martial arts, and fighters know just how important it is for them to follow these rules. Mixed martial arts rules were put in place to help protect the fighters from unnecessary injury, and to keep the competition as fair as possible.

Although what many people know as mixed martial arts originated from Vale Tudo, a Brazilian form of no holds barred competition, most modern mixed martial arts competitions follow rules such as no eye gouging, fish hooking, or strikes to the groin. Mixed martial arts fighters are also barred from head butting or biting. Aside from these obvious things, there are also some other rules that mixed martial artists must follow. Similar to western style boxing, MMA fighters are broken down into weight classes, and they are required to meet specific weight requirements before being allowed to compete.