UFC: Year in Review

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What have we learned from in 2010 on the UFC stage? As the end of the year approaches, let’s take a look back at what the biggest and most unexpected storylines have defined a spectacular 12 months in the octagon.Brock Lesnar’s Return and Fall You can’t talk about the biggest stories in MMA without talking about one of the physically largest competitors. In late ’09 Lesnar backed out of UFC 106, where he was all set to square off against Shane Carwin, citing medical issues. It turned out to be a case of mononucleosis, but like many men in the ring, it turned out to be no match for the massive man. Lesnar announced his return in January and fulfilled in at UFC 116, where he submitted Carwin (after much postponement) with a triangle choke. To complete a the year of ups and downs, Lesnar then lost the titles he had unified with his defeat of Carwin by losing to undefeated challenger Cain Velazquez in UFC 121.Rampage Goes Soft in Hollywood Not to take away from Rampage as a person or competitor, it’s simply tough to train when your time is occupied by outside commitments and the good life is at your fingertips. The loss to Rashad Evans, as a result, should’ve come as no surprise (though it did to many onlookers), however, what may have surprised many was last month’s match with Lyoto Machida. Machada is a fine fighter, but by all accounts he simply worked Rampage in the final round, with the fight looking nearly even after two. The real shock came when the judges awarded Jackson with the victory, a decision he even admitted they split the wrong way in a post-fight interview.Chuck Liddell’s Fall from Grace