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10 Actual Fights in Wrestling That Took Place Outside Ring

The competitive nature of professional wrestling will see tensions run wild between performers in and out of the ring. Fans are used to witnessing their favorite wrestlers throwing hands and executing wild moves in the squared circle during shows. However, that is not the only time wrestlers have gone after each in physical manners. The history of wrestling features quite a few real-life fights between the talents that had issues with each other.

We will look at some of the stranger fights to go down outside of the ring between wrestlers throughout the years. The stories behind the fights are almost impossible to believe if you don’t already understand how wild the wrestling business can be at times. Most professions would not see two people in the same field wanting to fight each other in the same scenarios here. These are the ten strangest real-life wrestling fights to go down outside of the ring.

10. Enzo Amore vs. Joey Janela

The most recent instance of a bizarre wrestling fight featured former WWE star Enzo Amore and current AEW star Joey Janela going at it at a Blink 182 and Lil Wayne concert. Both New Jersey residents were in the PNC Bank Arts Center for the show and ran into each other after Janela insulted Enzo online.

The wild antics of Janela would see him approach Enzo by introducing himself and asking if he wanted to fight. Enzo took him up on at it as Janela’s story claims that the two exchanged some blows. A friend of Enzo started filming at the end when they were in fighting stances talking trash.


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