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10 Backstage Stories About Lucha Underground

The reputation of Lucha Underground is a mixed bag with both positive and negative stories coming out about the promotion. LU hoped to achieve something different than WWE or any other wrestling promotion by treating their show like an episode storytelling product leaning more into the Hollywood style.

Quite a few talented and popular superstars spent time in LU with names like John Morrison, Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, Io Shirai, and many others contributing to the series. Despite trying to be unlike anything else in wrestling, there was backstage drama like the average wrestling promotion. Find out more about what went down behind the scenes with the most fascinating stories about Lucha Underground.

10. Ivelisse Refusing To Apologize For Injuring Tessa Blanchard

The reputations of both Ivelisse and Tessa Blanchard have seen multiple wrestlers claiming they were hard to work with. Blanchard was young into her career when getting a dark match opportunity against Ivelisse in a Lucha Underground dark match.

The issues started backstage when Ivelisse called out Tessa out of the blue, stating that she didn’t have a family last name to get a spot. Their match would see Blanchard suffering an injury that required surgery, with Ivelisse never apologizing for her role in the injury or asking for updates on her health.


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