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10 Best Foreign Heels in History of Wrestling

In years past, America hasn't always been on the best terms with other nations across the globe. During The Cold War, Americans became very paranoid about the intentions of foreigners, particularly those from communist nations. That paranoia provided the perfect breeding ground for some pro wrestling heels.

Pitting a bad guy against a fan favorite generated some pretty big heat regardless. Now, add in a foreign nationality, sometimes accompanied by anti-American rhetoric, and a typically solid pro wrestling heel could easily become a cash cow. Pro wrestling's Golden Era was undoubtedly the peak for foreign heels. However, throughout the years, several foreigner gimmicks have managed to garner incredible heat from audiences and become unforgettable.

10. Haku

There's perhaps no bigger urban legend in pro wrestling than that of Haku and his badassery. With a reputation like that, the native Tongan seemed tailor-made for WWE's 80s roster. Originally debuting as King Tonga, Haku soon joined Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's legendary Heenan Family as one half of The Islanders. He would also later team with Andre The Giant and win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Haku would go on to have a successful singles career, which included becoming "King" of WWE in 1988. In 1994, Haku jumped ship to WCW and was known as "Meng" until returning to WWE in 2001 for a brief run. Haku retired from wrestling full time in 2003 but he has gone down in pro wrestling folklore for his reputation outside of the ring.


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