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10 Biggest Names to Successfully Develop Through WCW Power Plant

The WWE Performance Center and the developmental territories like OVW before that is where WWE signees go to hone their craft and learn the WWE way of doing things. Vince McMahon had come along and gobbled up plenty of good competition, the last of which was WCW in 2001. World Championship Wrestling had its own early proto-PC model - the Power Plant.

From as early at 1995, until the doors closed in 2001, the WCW Power Plant is where guys and girls went to learn the WCW of doing business. Paul Orndorff had run it. Molly Holly and Madusa were the female trainers. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker was the head trainer. Strangely enough though, he alway famously tossed Batista from the school, thinking that he didn’t have the proverbial “It.” But there were still plenty of big names to come out of the Power Plant. Bret Hart famously derided the methods of the Plant, due having a certain bald, goateed monster kicking his head into 125th row of the arena.


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