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10 Most Popular Wrestlers to Never Win WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Not every wrestler will have the opportunity to be the top champion of the company. While some crowning of new champions were well deserved, some bookings were, to be polite, questionable. When the latter occurs, conversation stirs as to who should be the champion and who deserves that shot.

In WCW this was very apparent when you had established champions like Ric Flair and then publicity ones like David Arquette. David, while champion, once asked Booker T how many times he held the WCW title and Booker replied none. Eventually, he did win the title on five occasions but others were not that lucky. The following wrestlers were very popular but never managed to become WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

10. Stevie Ray

This retrospective is really quite the same for what could have been. Stevie Ray and Booker T made up the legendary team known as Harlem Heat that won the WCW Tag Team Championship 10 times. Both men would also hold the WCW World Television Championship.

Booker would go on to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times. Both men won fans over as a tag duo and had their popularity carry over as singles competitors. However, Stevie never won the WCW Title. Had he, it would have been great to see both brothers achieve greatness and it would have been fun to see them fight for the title one-on-one.


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