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10 Real Life Rivalries in ECW

Despite closing its doors nearly 20 years ago, ECW remains one of the most beloved wrestling promotions of all time. The Philly-based promotion is responsible for launching the careers of technical greats like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Tajiri, while simultaneously showcasing some of the most brutal action fans had ever seen. No doubt, ECW is responsible for some of the most dangerous hardcore high spots of all time. But most ECW wrestlers weren't playing characters.

In fact, things got all too real on several occasions. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the biggest ECW feuds that came from bad blood.

10. Taz and Rob Van Dam

Taz and The Whole F'n Show's first meeting is the stuff of legends. The fiasco began when Taz allegedly claimed he could beat up the entire ECW locker room. As relaxed as RVD normally is, the comment seemed to rub him the wrong way. So he decided to introduce Taz to his favorite game. Rob walked up to Taz, closed both fists, and calmly asked The Human Suplex Machine to pick a hand. When Taz chose a hand, Van Dam smacked Taz across the face. While things seemed fine between the two years later, the incident reportedly caused conflict between the ECW stars for years after.


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