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10 Terrible Main Events from Wrestling PPVs

There are times where WCW and WWE were putting on amazing PPVs, but some of the worst main events in wrestling history ruined these great events.

Great main events can make or break a PPV card when looking back at their importance. WWE and any other relevant promotion will have the goal of closing the show with a money-drawing match. A great undercard can carry a show, but a terrible main event has a better chance at ruining it. Many of the best shows of all time have a tremendous main event most associated with the event.

Unfortunately, the same scenario can play out in a negative manner looking at the legacy of a show. Great matches set the tone for a noteworthy event, but the main event stinking it up will cause fans to leave unhappy. Find out which instances created this terrible predicament in wrestling history. The following weak main events ruined otherwise good PPV cards.

10. Triple H vs. Randy Orton - WrestleMania 25

WrestleMania 25 is remembered for The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels classic as arguably the best match in WWE history. However, the entire show could have been remembered more fondly if not for the horrible Triple H vs Randy Orton main event.

A fun Money in the Bank ladder match, Ricky Steamboat turning back the clock against Chris Jericho, and the Hardy brothers facing off provided a strong undercard. Michaels and Undertaker tore the roof off the place, but Triple H and Orton just couldn’t follow them to end it strong. Even an adequate match would have been enough to put this show over the top.


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