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10 Worst Contestants on The Ultimate Fighter

Let me bang, bro.

Over the 13 years, 28-season history of The Ultimate Fighter, there have been plenty of memorable fighters produced by the reality show. A huge number of them have been massively successful – TUF has produced UFC champions like Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping and TJ Dillashaw as well as perennial contenders like Diego Sanchez, Tony Ferguson and Kelvin Gastelum.

However, the reality show hasn’t always been focused on great fighters. Plenty of the seasons over the years saw a large focus on some more questionable figures – fighters who weren’t all that skilled but became infamous due to their behaviour on the show. TUF has seen a roll call of bullies, psychopaths and clowns over the years and often they were simply difficult to watch.

Due to the longevity of TUF and the amount of fighters to enter the house over the years, this was a hard list to make, but here are the 10 worst contestants in the history of The Ultimate Fighter.


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