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10 Worst PPV Endings In WCW History

As much as fans today can complain about how bad WWE PPVs are, it’s still much better than what WCW was presenting. It’s still remarkable to look back and see how WCW seemed to go out of their way to present some of the worst shows imaginable. It’s easy to remember the later years but the early 1990s were pretty terrible too. That’s especially true for 1995 where the company was suffering under Hulk Hogan’s ego and too many bad creative moves. The problem was for every actually good PPV match, WCW would have two or three bad ones.

It may be easier to count the actually great WCW PPVs rather than the bad ones because there are so many of them. Sure, a few had good matches to spark it but a PPV is always judged by the ending. And WCW had some of the worst finishes of all time from horrible matches to just baffling moves that made fans angry they paid to see them. Here are the 10 worst WCW PPV endings ever as a reminder once more of how badly they could screw up shows.


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