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5 Best Matches from The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation excelled in a time where it wasn’t so easy to do so. They weren’t your prototype WWE superstar in the late 80s, i.e – big and muscular. They were big by regular standards, but back then, WWE was the land of giants. Moreover, they would face some seriously stiff competition from the early going, but as we know in wrestling, the cream rises to the crop.

It’s hard to argue that The Hart Foundation didn’t reach its full potential, primarily because Bret Hart broke out as a singles star. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing because it turned out for the better. When Bret Hart did break out as a singles star, it was a shaky time for WWF as they were on the cusp of the steroid controversy. Come 1992, with Hulk Hogan gone, the Ric Flair–Randy Savage feud not drawing too well and The Ultimate Warrior failing a drug test (and getting released), the company needed someone with the right image. Someone who not only didn’t look like they took steroids but someone who had the technical prowess and credibility to reach the top.

Thus began Bret Hart’s ascent of the WWE mountain. He would go on to make a legend out of himself as a singles star. The Hart Foundation would reunite later on, with new members added, including Owen Hart. Together, they would make an impact like no other, and a good part of 1997’s WWE programming was as good as it was because of them.

They’ve had many classics throughout their time, and we look at the very best of them.


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