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5 Biggest Overachievers & Underachievers in WCW

The history of WCW featured most top stars of the '90s spending some time in the company. WCW often had a set of names they believed could be top stars and kept the rest of the roster in the lower tiers of the pecking order. Things didn’t always go according to plan for the people running the company. Quite a few wrestlers would exceed or fail the expectations associated with them.

We will look at the talents that overachieved and underachieved in the company’s history. The talents that did more than WCW expected proved that some names could break through the glass ceiling. Meanwhile, there were many other wrestlers that just failed to live up to the hype WCW had for them. Find out just which talents fell on each side of history. These are the five biggest overachievers and five biggest underachievers in WCW history.


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