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Best Opening Matches in IMPACT Wrestling PPV History

Obviously the most important match of a pay-per-view is the main event, but throughout history it has been clear that a solid opening match is the basis of a great PPV, setting the tone for the rest of the show. As they say, it's always good to start off on the right foot, and that applies to PPVs as well.

In that sense, IMPACT Wrestling produced several PPVs, in which the openers were really excellent and memorable, and some of them were even the best matches of their respective PPVs. Without further ado, here are the 10 best opening matches in TNA PPV history, from The Sportster.

10. AJ Styles, Low-Ki & Jerry Lynn Vs. The Flying Elvises - NWA Total Nonstop Action #1

This was the first PPV match in TNA history, and what a great match it was. The guy who would become one of the main faces of the company, AJ Styles, teamed up with Low-Ki and Jerry Lynn to face off against The Flying Elvises (Jimmy Yang, Jorge Estrada and Sonny Siaki).

It was an action-packed, well-paced bout, with some pretty good spots. Although it was noticeable that AJ Styles' team was more talented, in the end The Flying Elvises took the victory.


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