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Best Performances from Wrestlers in Their Hometown

Hometown crowds are known to be very vocally supportive of their native son. This is practically true in pro wrestling, leading to great performances!

Waking up in your own bed, going to work, coming home to sleep in your own bed. These are feelings that we take for granted. A WWE Superstar seldom gets to do that (we unfortunately seldom get to travel the world and have the adrenaline rush of a screaming and adoring fans). But every so often the stars align and the WWE rolls into a Superstar's hometown.

When that happens, no matter what is going on in the storylines, said wrestler comes into the show as a conquering hero, and that is an added adrenaline rush that can’t be beat. If you’re the hometown hero, the extra pep in your step can help make any match an instant classic, if not for the pop you receive alone.

10. Bret Hart - In Your House: Canadian Stampede

Bret Hart’s global popularity might have fractured in 1997 when he became a heel, but nothing could take the luster off The Hitman or the Hart family in Calgary. The family’s fans were ready for war at the Canadian Stampede when the Excellence Of Execution led his family against Austin, Shamrock, Goldust, and the LOD. The entire Foundation was getting such an eruption from the Calgary crowd that JR couldn’t help but comment on the emotion and passion pouring into the arena on this night.


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