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Cat Zingano Details Struggle With Illness From Breast Implants, Recovery After Removing Them

Bellator women’s contender Cat Zingano is going public with a very private battle.

The former UFC title challenger took to social media to reveal she recently had her breast implants removed after suffering through illnesses she believes were due to the toxicity of “foreign objects being placed inside the body.”

“This was a big and intimidating decision and something that I encourage anyone with random, stubborn and undiagnosable symptoms to look up,” Zingano wrote. “It’s not just breast implants (expletive) people up, it’s an immune system attack because of foreign objects being placed inside the body… look it up and see if and where it fits. Some people are completely fine with implants, some people end up dead.”

Zingano went on to state that she has been dealing with unexplainable illnesses for years and sought out the assistance of Dr. Lu-Jean Feng, who advised her on the dangers of implant toxicity, leading to her decision.


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