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Chinese Mixed Martial Artist Destroys Another 'Wing Chun Master'

Xu Xiaodong is at it again. The Beijing based MMA coach and amateur fighter has had another fight with a self-proclaimed kung fu master, which — like all the others — has ended in brutal fashion.

This time he reportedly took on Lv Gang, a ‘pressure point Wing Chun master’ who traces his lineage to legendary practitioner Ip Man. The fight is said to have taken place in Karamay, a city in the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang. Video of the contest is available on YouTube thanks to user Fight Commentary Breakdowns. You can see that below:

The fight, if you can call it that, lasted around a minute. There were four striking exchanges, the first three resulted in Lv Gang (who is much smaller than Xu) being knocked down. The final exchange saw Xu landing punches at will until the referee mercifully called off the whole debacle. After the ref stepped in Xu — who was wearing face paint for some reason — mean-mugged his defeated opponent for about as long as the fight lasted.


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