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Christian on His Favourite IMPACT Wrestling Feuds

In the latest episode of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness titled "Q&A With The Rocket Strappers", Christian was asked by a fan to comment on his favorite matches during his stint at Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA Wrestling).

Christian, who then went by the name of Christian Cage commented that although he had "amazing matches" with almost everybody, his favorite was the triple-threat match that he had with then TNA World Champion Kurt Angle and Rhino for the said title.

The match was almost an hour long and lasted an entire IMPACT! episode for which other matches on the card had to be rescheduled. The match ended with Kurt Angle retaining his title by pinning Rhino with his Angle Slam finishing maneuver with an assist from 'Cowboy' James Storm. Christian also added that it is still the longest televised match in TNA history.


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