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Danhausen Befriended CM Punk After Getting KENTA's Blessing to Use GTS as Finisher

The backstory behind CM Punk and Danhausen's rumored (bizarre) friendship goes back to an exchange on Twitter over a finishing move.

CM Punk has pointed out since he returned that he “feels like Terry Funk” in modern day locker rooms, and there is no doubt that he now finds himself alongside young wrestlers who he himself unknowingly motivated to pursue their own dreams of wrestling stardom. This influence extends further than just the AEW roster, as he has now become very close, very good friends with ROH’s Danhausen, at least according to him.

By now, it is more than acceptable to love that Danhausen. This remains true even for big stars like CM Punk, or "Pepsiman" as Danhausen prefers to refer to his new friend. Punk is back in business now, fully immersing himself in the wrestling community. But months before his big return to the ring, he found himself once again altering the world of Ring of Honor forever; Punk, along with KENTA, gave Danhausen their blessing to continue using the Go 2 Sleep as a finishing move, going as far as to help Danhausen think of an evil name for his newest maneuver.


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