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Female Bantamweight Destroys 500+ Lbs Male Heavyweight in MMA Bout

One of the weirdest ever freakshow MMA fights pitted a female bantamweight against a 529lb man in Russia.

In a bill titled 'Our Business' we saw a match-up that would likely have Dana White shaking his head in horror. It pitted 139lb Darina Madzyuk against "super-heavyweight blogger" Grigory Chistyakov - who boasted a 390-pound weight advantage.

However Madzyuk was able to prove that size doesn't matter and claim a TKO victory in the cross-gender contest.

The insanity was apparent before the contest even began. The behemoth Chistyakov did the Vince McMahon/Conor McGregor 'billionaire strut' to the cage - then rolled around on the mat in a way we've definitely never seen from Conor or Vinnie Mac.

The 28-year-old Madzyuk somehow kept her focus in the staredown, before the pair traded wild blows in the stand-up.

Th hulking male beast was able to bull the comparatively tiny Madzyuk against the side of the cage and briefly gain the advantage, putting on a headlock. (Rather you than us, Madzyuk.)

But after the pair were separated and the action returned to the centre of the cage, the female bantamweight began to land a barrage of stinging punches.

The big man toppled down and, as his foe fired down a bombardment of head shots, he was forced to tap out.


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