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Gillberg on Meeting Goldberg: "You Could Tell That He Didn't Like Me At All"

Former WWE Superstar Duane Gill (aka Gillberg) has confirmed that Goldberg did not like him when the two men met for the first time.

Speaking in an interview with Lewis Nicholls, the 60-year-old reminisced about his time in WWE, including his memorable run between 1998 and 2000 as a Goldberg impersonator.

In 2003, Gillberg returned to WWE to appear in a segment with The Rock and Goldberg on RAW, which is when he introduced himself to the former WCW star backstage by simply saying, "I guess you’ve been waiting to meet me."

“He goes, ‘Oh, yes, I have!’ He put his hand on my shoulder and that was about it. We had a little segment that night and he did a bunch of pictures with me. He was kind of cool about it but you could tell that he didn’t like me at all. All the boys always told me, ‘Goldberg really wants to kick your a**.’”

H/T from Sportskeeda

Video from Lewis Nicholls.

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