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Gleison Tibau Won Unsanctioned MMA Tournament Featured in German Drill Rap Video

Gleison Tibau found a way to get paid as a coach for nine months during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany. Not only that, the longtime UFC veteran entered the cage and won a one-night MMA tournament that isn’t listed on his official record.

Speaking with MMA Fighting, Tibau said he was asked to be part of the “Maximum Bloodsport Tournament,”an MMA grand prix created by German rapper KC Rebell for his music video Anani Bacini, which has been watched by nearly two million people since October 2020.

Tibau fought twice that night, submitting Eluther Igel (3-1) with a rear-naked choke in round one and then winning a decision against Konrad Dyrschka (11-2, 1 no contest). Dyrschka defeated Samir El-Atiki (0-1) in the other semifinal, but the method is unclear. Tibau doesn’t recall the exact date for the event, but says it happened “six or seven months ago.”

“A rap group wanted to do a music video and decided to do a four-man tournament with two fights on the same night, and they wanted real fights.”


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