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Jason Knight Brawls Two People in Bathroom Stall

A video of former UFC fighter turned bare knuckle star Jason Knight throwing down with two people in a bathroom stall has gone viral.

Knight's friend and training partner Brok Weaver shared the shocking video on social media and it quickly went viral.

The video below sees Knight being confronted by two people before all hell breaks loose. He threw the first punch after being backed into a bathroom stall.

Knight then destroys them both before security intervenes and separates them.

The 27-year-old Mississippi man has since opened up about the incident, explaining his side of the viral video while revealing it occurred last year.

"This was from over a year ago," he said. "One guy was in the bathroom complaining about his girlfriend. I made a comment as a joke and obviously these two guys didn't think it was funny. So they cornered me in my stall.

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