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Jim Lampley on End of HBO Boxing: Good Things Come to An End

One subtext bouncing around as we count down to the Saturday night HBO card, topped by a Danny Jacobs vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko on paper coin-flip scrap at the MSG Theater is that this is the second or third to last HBO production of live boxing.

We got word that the show must not necessarily go on, and received re-confirmation that all things, really, come to an end. Death and taxes are eternal, but beyond that, one can’t get overly surprised when institutions, such as HBO’s boxing shop, close shop. We are in a period of massive re-configuration on this planet and but of course, this includes the boxing space. Streaming is in, PPVs are out, except where they aren’t. Yep, it’s a bit complicated.

Jim Lampley came on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast Tuesday and he talked about how he felt when he learned the company was going in another direction. He admitted he felt a bit sad but also right away thought that even good things come to an end.


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