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John Oliver Goes Scorched Earth on WWE Over Treatment of Workers

HBO's John Oliver zeroed in on WWE in the latest episode of his popular talk show Last Week Tonight

The live audience, seemingly composed of mostly non-WWE fans, "oohed" at footage of Randy Savage getting bitten by a snake. They "ahhed" at the sight of Braun Strowman and the Big Show exploding the ring with a superplex. They laughed at Kurt Angle's legendary Milk-O-Mania segment and were thoroughly entertained by Edge spearing Mick Foley through a flaming table.

Of course, Oliver's tone of genuine endearment toward WWE quickly turned sour as the host rehashed several time-honored talking points about WWE's questionable business practices.

WWE is no stranger to criticism from the Emmy-winning host, as Oliver joined in on the onslaught of backlash against the promotion last October and November for its continued dealings with Saudi Arabia.

This time, Oliver made WWE, and Chairman Vince McMahon, his main story by publicizing familiar pitfalls of the promotion's business model, including the misclassification of WWE Superstars as independent contractors, lack of an off-season, lack of health insurance and the alarming trend of pro wrestlers dying young.


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