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Megan Anderson's Fight Week Weight Cut of 25 Pounds - No More Bacon Sundays

Megan Anderson was the last person to step on the scale to weigh in for UFC 232. The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) was giving fighters a three-hour window to hit their respective mark, and Anderson used nearly every minute of it.

The 6-foot Anderson's weight cut is hard enough -- a gradual drop from 170 to 146 pounds -- but that week was particularly arduous.

Six days out from her fight with Cat Zingano on Dec. 29, 2018, the UFC uprooted the entire card from Las Vegas. Jon Jones, the headliner, couldn't get licensed in Nevada due to an atypical drug-test finding, so the promotion went west to the Los Angeles area. Fighters who had already traveled to Vegas hopped on a charter flight to L.A. two days before they were to compete, less than 24 hours before weigh-ins.

The trip takes less than an hour in the air, but that's crucial time for Anderson when it comes to her weight cut, which her nutritionist, Tyler Minton, plans down to the minute.

"That threw us off huge," Minton said. "It was a 180 in some of the things we had to do."

Anderson made the weight. It just took longer than usual -- about double the trips to a hot bath with the purpose of sweating out the pounds.


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