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Movie on MMA Fighter Ian Heinisch Possibly Starring Channing Tatum

A movie about Ian Heinisch’s life could hit a theatre near you in the future.

Heinisch recently cracked the UFC middleweight rankings after his win over Antonio Carlos Jr. at UFC Rochester. With only two UFC wins on his resume, Heinisch earned his #11 ranking and could easily be fighting for the title as early as next year.

With a few more wins, Ian could continue writing his incredible story with a chapter titled, “And New.”

Ian has been very open about his story. So much that it is in the process of being made into a Hollywood movie. His piece on The Player’s Tribune gives you a chilling glimpse into the life of “The Hurricane” and what to expect in his major film. From fleeing Colorado, to surviving the failed jail system of the United States, and spending time bettering himself while locked up in Spain, Heinisch’s story is not only inspiring – it’s meant to be told by only the best movie producers in the game.

Oh, and Channing Tatum is one of the names being tossed around for playing Ian.

Tatum better start practicing his Spanish, because if he’s going to play Ian, he’ll have to speak it very well. They didn’t call him Gringo for nothing. Although the movie is currently on hold while Heinisch makes his championship run, meetings and discussions are happening while the book is being written. Most recently, Heinisch had a conference call with HBO.


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