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Ricky Hatton Orders $1K Steak in $2K Restaurant Bill

Some of us may have accidentally ordered a slightly pricier bottle of wine than we'd budgeted for, or unknowingly splurged on an £8 pint, but at least we've never done what Ricky Hatton did and mistakenly gone for a €920 steak. OUCH.

Hatton's currently on holiday with girlfriend Charlie in Mykonos, Greece, where he's been enjoying some sun, sea and... er, steak. Very expensive steak, to be precise.

The retired boxer was hanging out in a beachside restaurant called Nammos, and shared a picture of the massive slab of meat on his plate, writing: "Wow. We'll start the diet tomorrow then shall we? This could be another war."

A close-up of the huge Kobe steak - a type of Wagyu beef that's renowned for being particularly pricy - also appeared on his Instagram Stories, just to show us the true scale of the monster.


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