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Roxanne Modafferi Gives Fighter's Perspective on UFC Rankings

Heidi Fang / Las Vegas Review Journal

How are UFC rankings decided? At first I thought that there must be some kind of algorithm based on wins, losses, type of win, who beat who, etc. When I watched fans debate female rankings on forums years ago, this is what they tried to argue about. Then I heard that UFC rankings are currently decided by a voting panel made up of media members. I’m not quite sure what to think of this. I wonder if I should worry about ticking anybody off, or my fashionable appearance, or general actions. People can be funny about things.

Rankings didn’t really mean much to me at first; I was just so happy to finally be signed to the UFC, after fifteen years of fighting. Having a UFC contract is my dream come true! After the Ultimate Fighter: Season 26, I found myself ranked in the top ten. Cool! That’s when I started paying attention to rankings. I felt I deserved high placement in the division because I beat two people in the TUF house dominantly, and then got a title shot. After my win over Barb Honchak in July 2018, I found myself at number 4. I was so thrilled, and started bragging to my family.


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