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Russian Instagram Star 'Ruki Bazuki' Gets Obliterated in MMA Fight

A Russian Instagram star -- known as Bazooka Arms -- stepped into the cage for an MMA fight against a Russian blogger ... and it didn't end well for the man with inflated biceps.

Kirill Tereshin went viral a few years ago after he reportedly artificially inflated his arms with Synthol drug injections. The 23-year-old (who has 445k IG followers) reportedly served in the Russian military.

But, last week, the guy decided to test his mettle against Russian blogger Oleg Mongol in a real MMA match in a gym in the Russian Republic of Khakassia.

Things started off okay for Bazooka Arms ... he traded strikes with Mongol ... but you can see his freakishly large arms quickly began to tire.


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