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Terence Crawford Ranks His Top 5 Wins

WBO welterweight world champion Terence Crawford's pro boxing career is full of high points—with a sterling record of 34 wins, 0 losses (and 25 knockouts), the fighter has very few competitive lows.

Still, some bouts stand out more than others, which is why we asked him to take us through the Top 5 Wins of his career when he came through Men's Health HQ in New York City ahead of his much anticipated matchup with former world light welterweight world champ Amir Khan at Madison Square Garden on April 20.

The running theme through many of Crawford's choice fights? Shutting down his doubters. Even with his undefeated record, the boxer has gone into several bouts as the underdog, or he felt that he was disrespected by prognosticators. Through his skill, determination, and lightning-quick hands, Crawford has beaten every single one of his opponents—both in the ring and outside of it.


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