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The First Ever TNA Monthly PPV Main Event - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. This week, we head all the way back to Victory Road 2004 where Jeff Jarrett defended the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title against Jeff Hardy in a monumental ladder match main event!

IMPACT Wrestling was set to make their monthly pay-per-view debut in November 2004. Now fans from around the world could witness three hours of competition, three hours of drama and three hours of total nonstop action each and every month! What better way to kick off the tradition than with a ladder match with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title on the line? Current reigning champ Jeff Jarrett found out who his opponent would be when a number one contender’s tournament played out on preceding episodes of IMPACT! Among the finalists were Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown, Abyss and Raven.

With Jeff Hardy pulling out the victory in the last stage of the tournament, Jeff Jarrett’s Victory Road 2004 opponent was set! However, this would be no ordinary match. In fact, the bout would be contested under Jeff Hardy’s signature match rules – a ladder match! With Jeff Jarrett’s NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title hanging high above the ring, who would emerge from IMPACT Wrestling’s first pay-per-view extravaganza with the gold intact?

In the early going, it was advantage Jeff Hardy! Having competed in a plethora of memorable ladder matches, Hardy knew the ins and outs of the stipulation. It looked as though Hardy was on the brink of victory when he hit Jarrett with a Swanton Bomb on top of a steel ladder. However, one of Jarrett’s allies, Scott Hall, emerged from the backstage area and took Hardy off a ladder with a sick Razor’s Edge! This left IMPACT Wrestling fans wondering – who else would make their presence felt?

Jeff Hardy continued to fight off both Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall. After all, there are no disqualifications in a ladder match! As Hardy climbed the ladder in an attempt to retrieve the belt, Scott Hall cracked him in the back with a steel chair. This allowed Jeff Jarrett to make the trek up the ladder but this time, it was Kevin Nash who made an appearance! Many thought he was there to even the odds for Jeff Hardy but his intentions were made clear when he hit Jeff Hardy in the head with a guitar! With Hardy taken out once and for all, Jarrett climbed the ladder and retrieved the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title to win the match and retain his championship.  Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were all on the same page with one goal in mind – total control of IMPACT Wrestling!


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