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The Wildcat vs. The Instant Classic - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. This week, we head back to Victory Road 2007 where Christian Cage went one-on-one with Chris Harris!

Chris Harris is a name synonymous with IMPACT Wrestling. Most fans know him alongside James Storm to form America’s Most Wanted, one of the most decorated and successful tag teams in the history of IMPACT Wrestling. However, Summer 2007 was the start of a singles career for the “Wildcat”. Earlier in the year, James Storm turned on his former partner after a long period of unsuccessful attempts at regaining the Tag Team Championships.

Not only did James Storm commit the ultimate betrayal but he did so in a brutally violent way when he smashed his signature beer bottle over the head of Harris. This lead to a Texas Death Match at the 2007 edition of Sacrifice on pay-per-view, to settle the score between the “Wildcat” and the “Cowboy” once and for all. This match was not for the weak at heart and went on to become one of the bloodiest matches in the history of IMPACT Wrestling. Chris Harris was victorious in this war, kicking off his singles career in a big way.

The following month at Slammiversary 2007, a King of the Mountain Match was scheduled to crown a brand new IMPACT Wrestling Champion. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christian Cage were prepared to put it all on the line in order to call themselves champion. However, a fifth participant would be named on the night of the show and management felt there was no one more deserving than Chris Harris. Once the match began, Harris stood toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and baddest singles stars that IMPACT Wrestling had to offer. While he may not have captured the title on this night, his big moment came when he speared Christian Cage off a ladder, providing the fans with an awe-inspiring moment they would never forget!

Christian Cage was furious that Chris Harris stopped him from becoming the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion and potentially regaining his spot at the top of the promotion. In the weeks following Slammiversary, Cage made it his goal to stick his nose in the business of Harris. Cage believed that Harris was not on his level as a singles start and claimed that he had the ability to make Harris a star in their match at Victory Road 2007 on pay-per-view. Harris was not one to back down from a fight and the match was on! Cage believed he would have an easy night on the job but he couldn’t have been more wrong! Realizing that he may not be able to defeat Harris fair and square, Cage resorted to his cheating ways. Cage called for backup in the form of Tomko. He came running down to ringside to distract the referee but the swerve didn’t stop there! Out of nowhere, Dustin Rhodes clobbered Chris Harris from behind, allowing Cage to roll him up and score the pinfall victory.

What was Rhodes’ motivation for attacking Harris? On the night of Victory Road 2007, nobody seemed to know. One thing was certain: Chris Harris’ singles career was off to a wild start! If there was one thing that motivated him more than anything else, it was getting revenge on Rhodes! However, little did Harris know that Black Reign was about to make his presence felt…


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