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Top 10 Best 'Four Horsemen' Members

When looking at factions in professional wrestling history, an entire generation of wrestling fans look at the nWo and Degeneration X as the best of the best and some younger fans even look at Evolution and The Shield as the top factions. However, none of these factions would exist without the one that started it all -- The Four Horsemen.

The original Four Horsemen were booked to be a family with the fictional Anderson brothers of Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson and their storyline cousin Nature Boy Ric Flair. They teamed with Tully Blanchard and his manager James J. Dillon and took over the NWA's Mid Atlantic Wrestling. Over the years, members came and went but the Four Horsemen remained elite with only minimal stumbles. Here is a look at the 10 best members of the Four Horsemen, ranked.


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