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Top 10 Matches from Dusty Rhodes' Career

Dusty Rhodes was one of the greatest wrestling stars of all time. With the simple gimmick of being a hardworking American, he would use his natural charisma and knack for storytelling to create many of pro wrestling's greatest promos and feuds. Dusty's impact can still be seen all over wrestling today, and many current stars cite him as a key influence on their success.

While often remembered for his fiery promos, Dusty's in-ring ability was never something to scoff at. Never hesitant to brawl with the best, or step inside a steel cage, Dusty had dozens of noteworthy matches. Here are the top 10 matches of his career.

Dusty Rhodes vs. Billy Graham (WWWF 1977)

Dusty would meet current WWWF champion "Superstar" Billy Graham at Madison Square garden, in a Texas Death-match for the title. Dusty dominated most of the match, with a hot crowd hanging on his every move.

After a series of spots that take out both men, Dusty covers Graham for what would have been a three-count, but is stopped when the referee sees his feet on the ropes. Graham manages to sneak a win, and retain his title. This led to Dusty giving him a series of elbows before launching him out of the ring, just to prove a point.


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