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Trevor Murdoch on Earning Respect from Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

Trevor Murdoch signed with the National Wrestling Alliance in 2019 and he is a NWA National Heavyweight Champion.

Trevor Murdoch recently did an interview with Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online. During the interview, Murdoch discussed his WWE run. Murdoch was already a seasoned professional when he signed with WWE and he won the Tag Team titles with Lance Cade soon after his debut. Murdoch revealed how Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas tried to test him early on in his WWE run to see what he was made of:

But I've also had guys that have wanted to test me while we were in the ring. My first three or four months with WWE, I am getting in the ring with guys that have been in the developmental system for four and five years trying to come up to the main roster. Well, they see this redneck who was just on the independent six weeks ago doing a show for Harley Race and now he's a WWE World Tag Team Champion and they're like: ‘What the hell? What does this guy bring to the table?’ And there were two individuals and nothing bad, but it was you know, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Those guys were in phenomenal shape and those guys will run me in the match. Just run me trying to blow me up and just feel me out and see what I was all about. But again, I just got back from the dojo five hundred squats a day, 300 push ups, like, you could not blow me up. After about a month or two with those guys, you know, we sat down had dinner and they were like, okay now we understand why you're here. You know what I mean. Now, it makes sense. You know what I mean? And I had to earn that respect for them and I would be upset too if I was in developmental system for five and six years and then I seen a fat redneck went straight to TV as a champ. I would be a little confusing and a lot of a little animosity there too. Take it to harder or get upset. I just made sure I proved it to them and I earned their respect.

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