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10 All-Time Most Brutal Boxing Knockouts

Oh the humanity! How can these men do more damage with their fists than the combined armies of Russia and Westeros?

Let's get one thing clear: by 'all time' we clearly mean the last 30-odd years. We're not trawling back through YouTube only to find there's zero videos of John L Sullivan, no sir.

So - with apologies to George Foreman, Joe Louis, Ivan Drago and any other iron-fisted legend not included - these are the most bone-breaking, teeth-shaking, canvas-quaking stoppages the world has ever seen. Have mercy.

10. Calvin Brock KO6 Zuri Lawrence

'The Boxing Banker' Calvin Brock clearly decided Zuri Lawrence was behind on his overdraft payments and issued a formal warning via a massive left hook to the jaw.

Lawrence collapsed like a demolished building: wobbling at the ankles first, before the rest of him followed. Referee Jay Nady leapt in to wave his arms wildly, signalling for the fight's ending, medics to enter and low-flying aircraft to turn back, lest Brock should punch them out of the sky.


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