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10 Best ECW Submission Finishers

The history of ECW featured talented wrestlers getting the chance to show their in-ring skills outside of WWE and WCW. Many of the top names who spent time in ECW were used poorly in other promotions before or after their run on the wilder side of wrestling. Quite a few loved to utilize submissions as part of their style.

Every wrestler using a submission finisher must get it across as a damaging move with the ability to harm others seriously. The best moves to be used in ECW helped wrestlers find more success with such a boost adding to the fan interest towards the end of matches. Extreme Championship Wrestling had some of the best submission-based wrestlers in the world. These performers took their craft to the next level with submission holds that worked very well to put away their opponents in The Land of Extreme.

10. Terry Funk - Spinning Toe Hold

Terry Funk changed his style when joining ECW as an older wrestler, but he stayed true to some of his classic moves. The Spinning Toe Hold was a popular submission used by both Terry and Dory Funk Jr. during their tag run.

Funk brought it out a few times in ECW instead of going for wilder moves every time like the moonsault. The ECW run of Funk added another strong chapter to his career and made his legacy even stronger with new fans of the time.

9. Jazz - STF

The matches of Jazz in ECW typically saw her mowing down weaker male opponents as an attraction rather than her serious matches in WWE. Jazz was one of the most intimidating female performers at the time.

ECW saw her using the STF finisher as her submission of choice that became even more prominent in WWE. John Cena will always be remembered as having the most popular version of the STF, but Jazz’s version was more technically sound.


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