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10 Craziest Storylines in Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground was a popular show during its four seasons, and the series certainly has some weird storylines in its history.

Lasting four seasons and 127 episodes, the El Rey network cult favorite Lucha Underground fused Lucha libre and grindhouse filmmaking to create one of the most innovative pro wrestling shows on television. It would showcase lucha luminaries like Rey Mysterio Jr. and Blue Demon Jr. as well as wrestlers from the independent scene and Mexico’s biggest lucha promotion, AAA. Ultimately, it would introduce fans to future WWE and AEW stars like Pentagon Jr., Fenix and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via great matches.

Lucha Underground also became known for its approach to storytelling, which utilized cinematic backstage segments as well as themes involving crime and the supernatural to tell pro wrestling stories that more “grounded” wrestling promotions rarely touch outside of, like Undertaker matches. So here are ten of the craziest stories in Lucha Underground.


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