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10 Forgotten WCW PPV Main Events

WCW had plenty of memorable moments as well as moments most wrestling fans forget. Here's a look at 10 huge WCW pay-per-views main events you forgot!

Throughout its history, WCW had a lot of PPV main events. Some are fantastic matches that deserve to be remembered well. Others are memorable only for being utter and complete disasters. The last few years saw the company putting on putrid main events that often had guys who didn’t deserve to be there. There are also such infamous moments as Jay Leno and David Arquette as main eventers. It’s easy to remember those for the wrong reasons.

Yet there are many times when WCW had a major PPV main event that had a great build and was often quite good... yet they’re not remembered well. A couple were poor, but these are matches WCW spent weeks or even months building up to but are somehow lost to wrestling history. Even the biggest stars can’t make these bouts more memorable. Here are 10 WCW PPV main events meant to be huge deals yet lost to most fans, with some deserving a second look

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