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10 Jobbers Who Held Titles in WWE

When it comes to championships in wrestling, it is commonly expected that only the very best actually get their hands on them. This is because top wrestlers are the ones who put on the best matches, have the most convincing storylines, and typically sell the most merchandise.

However, every now and then, a jobber manages to sneak through the cracks and creates a major upset by winning a title. It always causes a lot of talk in the wrestling world and it is often a lot of fun when booked correctly, even if it is totally unexpected and doesn't always last that long.

10. Leon Ruff

The most recent example of a jobber winning a championship came in NXT when Leon Ruff shocked the world and defeated Johnny Gargano to become the North American Champion. Nobody saw this moment coming, but it has certainly been a lot of fun to see.

Gargano brought out Ruff as his first opponent to defend the title against as a joke, doing so because Ruff was so beatable. However, he shocked everyone by earning a surprise victory, which was even more shocking because jobbers winning titles in NXT has never happened before.

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