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10 Matches You Forgot Seth Rollins Was In

At this point, Seth Rollins has enjoyed nearly a decade-long career in WWE, where he debuted on the main roster as a heel and tag team specialist in The Shield, broke out as a top singles heel, turned babyface and heel again, and enjoyed four World Title reigns in the process. On top of that, he had about six years on the indie scene to start with, including a run as a top champion in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black.

As a result of all that, Seth Rollins has a ton of matches to his name, some of which fans may not remember. Let’s take a look at some notable but forgotten matches from The Architect’s career.

Tyler Black vs. Awesome Kong (NWA Midwest, 9/22/2007)

One cool thing about guys who started on the indies is that so many of them end up having random seeming matchups in their CV. Tyler Black is no exception, having once taken on women’s wrestling legend and two-time Impact Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong in 2007.

By this point, Black was already beginning to make waves in Ring of Honor and the indies, and ended up losing to Kong in seven minutes after a sit-out powerbomb.


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