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10 Memorable Feuds in ECW You Probably Forgot About

It is safe to say that while ECW might not have lasted long, it did change the wrestling landscape forever. Its effect is clearly evident on the industry and 'E-C-W' chants break out even today, almost two decades after the company was bought out by Vince McMahon.

The ECW is most fondly remembered for its hardcore wrestling but in reality it had so much more to offer. While feuds like Tommy Dreamer and Raven or Taz and Sabu always take the limelight, through the course of time, a lot of great rivalries have been forgotten about.

10. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

Paul Heyman was nothing short of a genius when it came to identifying relatively unknown talent with incredible potential. And these were such two talents, that the mad genius of ECW gave a shot.

Tajiri's Japanese style blended beautifully with Super Crazy's Mexican style and the two had some incredible matches together. And at a point of time when ECW was losing a number of its stars to rival companies, their rivalry was a huge reason why the product continued to entertain its fans.

9. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero

It is undeniable that ECW is most closely associated with hardcore wrestling but there was some incredible pure wrestling there as well. The rivalry between Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero is just a prime example of that.

Today these two are regarded as two of the best wrestlers of their generation but that was not always the case. Paul Heyman gave them a shot when the 'Big Two' were unwilling to and they took the opportunity with both hands, showing the world exactly what they were capable of.


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