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10 Most Brutal UFC Knockouts of All Time

Love a technical ground battle as much as you can - but a destructive, devastating stoppage remains the most electrifying sight in MMA.

Since the UFC started in 1993, there's been numerous fight-ending sequences that caused live crowds to gasp, viewers at home to stand bolt upright and fighters to drop flat on their backs.

These are 10 so violent that the Octagon mat had to have counselling afterwards.

10. Francis Ngannou vs Alistair Overeem (UFC 218)

The blow that turned Alistair Overeem into a human Pez dispenser. Ngannou's "uppercut from hell" snapped back his rival's head, rendering him instantly unconscious, before the 'Predator' pounced to add a bonus hammerfist.

Total pulverisation in only the second minute of the fight.

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