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10 Most Important Matches from IMPACT Wrestling in 2010s

For TNA (now known as Impact Wrestling), the 2010s were a tumultuous time. There were countless regime changes, false starts, the return of the six-sided ring, the return of not having a six-sided ring, and several changes in ownership and broadcasting networks.

Let’s talk about some important matches of the 2010s. All these matches are very good, but they’re also incredibly significant matches of the previous decade for one reason or another.

10. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money Inc. (TNA Impact - The Whole F’N Show, 8/12/2010)

TNA’s tag division had a lot of standout talent putting on classic matches over its history, and this bout between two of the promotion’s best acts is the most competitive set-up possible: a 2/3 Falls Match to determine the winner of a Best of Five series that went all the way to Match #5.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are back in Impact as Motor City Machine Guns, so this is a crucial match to see why they’re so beloved. Meanwhile, Bobby Roode is languishing in WWE and James Storm is reportedly going to show up there to languish any day now, so this serves as a great reminder of why they’re considered good wrestlers.


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