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10 Most Savage Clapbacks in WWE Twitter Beefs

Professional wrestlers learn to improvise insults, often in bite-sized, backstage promos that are two minutes or less. It's just as important as selling and scripting out a match; the character work is what gets a wrestler "over" with the fans. It makes the audience care enough about a match that they would pay money to see it.

And this ability—to squeeze clever insults into a small amount of space—makes wrestlers particularly good at Twitter. Whether targeting fans, celebrities, their own company, or each other, WWE wrestlers enhance their storylines and likability by tweeting. The narrative is no longer confined to television; fans can follow online drama in real time, and more directly interact with their favorite stars than ever before.

Sometimes, though not often, we see real emotion and drama on WWE social media, scattered amongst the scripted bits. It becomes addictive to read, follow, and speculate. Is this a work? Is this a shoot? Do these people truly hate each other? And even if they are friends, will they still be friends after this many verbal low blows?


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