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10 of John Cena's Best Rap Lines

John Cena reignited his wrestling career when he turned into a rapping heel. The superstar delivered some shady burns during his time in the ring.

Cena’s rapping gimmick helped him become over enough to start the push into a top role. WWE has always had something special in Cena, from his memorable debut answering Kurt Angle’s challenge. However, many fans forget that Cena struggled with the generic face character until introducing the rapping heel. The change saved his career and eventually made the fans love him.

Cena delivered many noteworthy one-liners in the freestyle rap promos he cut before his matches. Regardless of whether he played a face or heel, Cena usually ran down his opponents and made references to local sports teams. But what is Cena's most savage line ever?

10. "Walk with Elias? I'm not really feeling it. Because without the guitar, what it means is wasted wrestling experiment."

WrestleMania 35 marked the one-night-only return of John Cena as the Doctor of Thuganomics. Fans reacted with joy when Cena’s old theme music played to interrupt Elias’ musical performance on the biggest show of the year.

Cena delivered a few ruthless lines in his rap as a throwback to the old character fans loved. The line featured here showed Cena calling out Elias for not having much to offer in the wrestling ring without his guitar. Cena not having a match at WM was forgiven when he started rapping like old times.


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