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10 Retired Wrestlers with Careers Outside Industry

Wrestlers don't always go into other jobs in the business once they hang up the boots. Some find success in totally new careers.

Many professional wrestlers have dedicated their careers to one thing: wrestling. A career after the action in the ring is often an afterthought. For some, a position as an agent, trainer, or on-air personality exists, but this is not the case for most. A life out of the limelight and without the lucrative income has left some performers in despair.

However, some have found great success and contentment in other ventures. These retired wrestlers have found new careers in an arena outside of professional wrestling.

10. Scott Steiner

Wrestling has been the lifeblood of Scott Steiner from youth amateur days through his professional wrestling career. While it may be difficult to picture Big Poppa Pump doing anything but going on verbal tirades or terrorizing opponents in the ring, he has now found new life in the service industry.

The Big Bad Booty Daddy is the proud owner/operator of Shoney's Kitchen and Bar in Acworth, Georgia. Scott appears to be embracing his new career and his business is prospering. Holla if ya hear me!

9. Rick Steiner

The other half of the legendary Steiner Brothers tag team, the dog-faced gremlin has always had a wild and maniacal character. The locker room and road stories of the Steiner brother are equally legendary.

These days, Rick's barking and biting gimmick has now transitioned to making decisions on the Cherokee County, Georgia school board. He also is a successful real estate agent in North Metro, Atlanta. Rick appears to have found success and happiness in both, and he says he's content that his days of mayhem are behind him.


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