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10 Tables Matches You Probably Forgot About

The tables match tends to be overshadowed by TLC and the ladder match, which explains why these 10 great matches have been somewhat forgotten.

The tables match is one of the most underrated and underused match types at WWE's disposal, frequently being passed over in favor of TLCs or ladder matches. There are, in fact, several tables matches that have occurred in the company's history that many have forgotten about, but prove the versatility of the match if performed appropriately.

In a traditional tables match, the winner must put their opponent through a table in order to achieve victory. The following are 10 tables matches from the WWE Attitude Era onward that have been undeservedly forgotten.

10. The Rock Vs The Dudley Boyz

During the Invasion angle in the WWE's Attitude Era, The Rock (then the WCW World Heavyweight Champion) found himself on the receiving end of questionable odds, as he went up against both members of the Dudley Boyz at the same time.

This would be challenging in itself, but the Dudley Boyz were renowned as two of the innovators of the tables match type, and are arguably the most well-known tag team in regards to the stipulation in WWE history. This is also a notable match for the handicap rules, with The Rock holding his own until a late interference from storyline WCW owner Shane McMahon sealed his fate.


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